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Skukuza Airport Developments

Work on the Skukuza airport runway progressed well. The Skukuza airport runway was closed on 4th November 2013 for repairs and resurfacing and re‐opened again on 18 February 2014.

In conjunction with the Skukuza Airport Management Company, Airlink has completed the airport terminal building and have commenced operations. Building contractors and specialists that were on‐site completed the improvements necessary to bringing the airport to international standards. The completed airport is now able to process a total of 400 passengers and a total of 20 aircraft movements per day (a combination of 10 arrivals and 10 departures per day which includes lodge hopper/shuttle flights and charter flights).

The reintroduction of daily scheduled air services to Skukuza airport, which is located within the Kruger National Park in close proximity to the SANParks’ Skukuza Camp, is a significant step forward in the process of improving visitor convenience and access to this world renowned wild life destination.